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As someone who has been diagnosed with a mental illness, I am able to provide a unique support that is often missing in support systems. The work I do is an addition to the support you receive from mental health professionals, family and friends. 

I know from experience that it can be so beneficial to have someone who understands what you are going through. I provide a safe, judgement free space for you to express yourself, vent, seek guidance, cry, etc.

I am able to work with people from all different backgrounds and disorders. 

In addition to the service I provide, I do also provide follow ups after our sessions. 

My goal is to ensure that anyone I speak with has a space where they can be free from being stigmatized, judged, labeled or ridiculed.

I am here to help you through day to day life, major transitions, the ups and downs and if you just need someone to talk to.

Depending on your needs, I am able to work with all types of budgets. 

For an hour of conversation (either chat or phone) I typically charge up to $25. 

Additional time past the first hour is $15.

If you need more consistent support (weekly, every other day, etc) we can work out a package that fits your needs and budget.

Feel free to contact me directly at to set up a session.

If you prefer I do have a Fiverr account set up and you can purchase sessions through this link.

Right now I am currently set up to take payment through PayPal.

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