About Me

My life has been a non-stop adventure... From traveling, moving from state to state, meeting new people, seeing amazing things or following musician friends on tour, I've lived a pretty fortunate life. Wanderlust runs in my family, so I was destined from birth to want to see the world. I try and travel at least a few times a year with my husband and best friend. I have a serious obsession with books and perfume. I’m horrible at verbally articulating myself, there is a serious disconnect between brain and mouth. Writing is my passion and fortunately enough, I have a gift for words and storytelling. I love photography and spend a fare amount of time wandering about Oregon with my husband shooting photos.

In my down time I also do tarot card readings, make dream pillows, create prayer/magic beads, concoct lotions & soaps, etc. I’m a writer, photographer, mystic, artist and dreamer…

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