Thursday, August 10, 2017

The bitter and the sweet...

There is always a certain level of risk involved when a person breaks from the conventional path toward true freedom. The possibility of losing everything and having to start all over is a possible outcome of rebellion. 

However, even with the risk involved the pursuit of something higher is absolutely worth it. 

We live in a world that forces us to fit into these boxes and shuffles us around like workers on an assembly line.

None of this is what we were meant for.

Every day should be seen as a blessing and an opportunity to have a new adventure and experience.

Instead people keep themselves plugged into an unhealthy cycle created to control us.

How we choose to spend our time on this earth is incredibly important. The energy our lives project greatly impacts those around us and how we shape our future.

Do we continue to live in the negative cycle that is killing ourselves, or do we make the choice to take control of our lives and be our authentic selves?

I've chosen to embrace my whole self and stop participating in the culture of shame and assimilation. 

Love yourself and those around you!

Spread joy and radiate wonder, curiosity and invention.

Know your intentions and live in your truth.

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